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Training Testimonials

Training Testimonials

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"Being an 'old school' cop, social media is something I have always discounted. Now I realize the potential a properly organized and operated social media plan can offer our employees, community and communities beyond ours. This is a worthwhile class, even if your not a social media me. Thanks Tim!"

"Twelve Sixty Six presented very informative, relative, and interesting material on Social Media in Law Enforcement. This is a must have class for any agency, whether you have no social media yet or have used it for years at your agency."

"Today more than ever, Law Enforcement needs all of the positive community engagement possible and in this digital age, a police department cannot have that commitment and make the best connections without utilizing social media. Tim Burrows of TwelveSixtySix.Com understands the unique perspective of being a cop and constructing a positive engagement platform with a community. Our agency and the officers who attended his course are in a much better place for success."

"This training was eye opening, as it was a valuable tool, which profiled all of the different types of social media networks on the market today."

Chris Brogan


Owner Media Group

Scott Monty

EVP of Strategy
Shift Communications

Gary Vaynerchuk

CoFounder, VaynerMedia

Author, Speaker

The Wall Street Journal just called and asked me how the NYPD could have avoided all the social media backlash and silliness that just befell them. I said, "Hire Tim Burrows." 

To those who are saying that the police shouldn’t be on social media, I would point out Tim Burrows. He is an example of participation and listening, rather than a coordinated campaign.

To be relevant in the social media space, you have to understand the psychology of it's most important asset, people. Tim knows people come first and how to give them value.

Rudy Gheysen


Asymetric Consulting

Tim is an extremely personable individual who has the ability to make people feel at ease. His very professional approach to all tasks is very apparent and is exhibited in his desire to assist law enforcement and others take full advantage of social media. Tim's quick wit and sincere desire to foster success in those around him is evident on a daily basis.

Trefor Munn-Venn

President & CEO of Rhapsody Strategies Inc

There are few people with the level of depth and knowledge that Tim has when it comes to social media. Tim is a genuine authority on the application of social media in law enforcement and understands its application in the full context of emergency management. Tim is an authentic leader, a published author, and a sought-after public speaker.

John Sandeman



Tim continues to take the position of Media Relations to a new level, his knowledge, confidence and integrity makes for a perfect combination. In addition Tim has a calmness "no panic" demeanour about him that allows him to compose very strategic, analytical and evidence based answers to some of the toughest questions from both the public and the media.

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