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 <title>Terms Of Use (FACEBOOK)</title>


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 <h1>Terms Of Use (Facebook)</h1>

<p>This is an official Facebook page of the <b>[INSERT YOUR AGENCY NAME HERE]</b> in <b>[INSERT YOUR LOCATION HERE]</b>. This page has been created to provide people who live, work and visit our area and others with an interest in our police agencies information that is provided here on Facebook. This page is monitored by <b>[DESCRIBE WHO MONITORS/MANAGES THE PAGE]</b>. Monitoring is not done 24 hours a day or 7 days per week. THIS PAGE IS NOT TO BE USED FOR THE REPORTING OF EMERGENCIES OR CRIMES/CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.</p>
<p>Comments posted by people other than members of our agency are not to be considered the opinion of the <b>[NAME YOUR AGENCY]</b> nor does <b>[AGENCY NAME]</b> endorse any third-party comments on this page.</p>

<p>We welcome a person's right to express his/her opinion and encourage posters to keep comments related to content on this page and content specific to posts you may be responding to / commenting on.</p>

<p>In case of emergency, or if you need police assistance, dial 9-1-1.</p>

<p>Do not use this page to report a crime. To provide information related to a crime, contact Crime Stoppers or contact any officer indicated in posts relating to the particular case.</p>

<p>This page is to be considered a <i>Limited Public Forum</i>. As such, we reserve the right to remove information posted by anyone that violates the 'Terms Of Use' of Facebook along with those listed below.</p>

<p>Before posting on this page, please review the terms below:
A posting on this page constitutes acceptance of these terms.
If you post information related to a crime on this page, you may be placing yourself in the position of becoming a witness in court proceedings and identifying yourself to anyone as a witness. 
We reserve the right to remove and/or block anyone who posts inappropriate material as determined by us.
We reserve the right to remove any comments that are inappropriate or offensive, including comments that:<ul>
<li>defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or violate the legal rights of others,</li>
<li>include racism, hatred, slander, threats, obscenity, violence, vulgarity, spam or advertisements,</li>
<li>have personal information about another person or that violate a person's privacy interests,</li>
<li>include copyrighted material belonging to another person,</li>
<li>contain links to inappropriate or offensive websites.</li></ul></p>

<p>The <b>[INSERT YOUR AGENCY NAME]</b> does not allow posting of photos or videos by anyone other than members of our agency without prior approval.</p>

<p>If you have photos or videos you'd like to share on this page, contact us at: <b>[INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS HERE]</b></p>
<p>Postings are subject to all applicable Federal, State and municpal legislation.   


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