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100% Money Back Guarantee

The big question:
What's the fine print?
The big answer: 
There isn't any fine print.
I am so confident in the training I provide, the content that I give and the learning that takes place, I don't need any fine print. 
How confident am I? Confident enough to offer TWO GUARANTEES
#1 - On the last day of the course...look me in the eyes, tell me you didn't get any value from the training. You didn't learn anything and it was a waste of your time; 
I'll refund your registration fee back within 24 hours. (Only 1 per agency.)
#2 - 30 days after the course, if you haven't been able to employ the training, improve on your social presence, become better prepared for digital communications and integration, let me know and I refund you the registration questions asked. (Only 1 per agency).
That's it. 
I believe that when you pay for something, you better get what was promised, the facilitator better know what they're doing and the training should have a greater value than the price paid.

I don't believe the question should be,  "Why do you offer a money back guarantee?", I believe the question should be, "Why doesn't everyone."
Tim Burrows
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