Social & Digital Media Training


We provide training to agencies both online and in person providing you with the best and most relevant training available for social and digital media use along with integrated communications.


When the crisis happens, your agency and members will be ready to respond with confidence using the online space to effectively communicate what is happening in the real life situation. 


Time is your most valuable resource and we'll make sure the tools that are used by your members will maximize their potential and minimize the time it takes to effectively communicate your messages. 


Risk management, risk mitigation, legal issues and policy are always included in every course to ensure safety for your members, your agency and adherence to the rules, regulations and laws are kept paramount to protect your reputation. 


By the end of the training you will have the tools you need to build better relationships with your community and establish the foundation for trust within your community as a voice of authority that can be trusted and relied on. 

Training courses range from one hour webinars online to three-day intensive sessions that are conducted in person.


Agencies have the option of hosting training as a per participant costing or a flat rate course.


To learn more about the training or to discuss what we can do to assist you, click here.

Social & Digital Media Traninig

Executive Training

Crisis Communications

Policy/Guidelines Development

Human Rights / Diversity



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Executive Training

The Executive, Command and Senior Officer positions require training to be conversant in the technology and to provide support for an agencies social and digital presence.


Training is designed and delivered specifically for the the executive mindset.

Policy / Strategy / Guidelines / Procedure Development

We can assist agencies in, or fully provide, the writing of all aspects of documents relevant to a social and digital media program and communications.

Other Services Available
  • Social and Digital Media Training and Consultation

  • Crisis Communications Preparation

  • Crisis Communication Response

  • Strategy, Policy, Guideline Development

  • Public Information  Officer Emergency Assistance

  • Critical Incident Support

  • Public Relations Assistance for Risk Management/Mitigation 

Social & Digital Media Marketing & Customer Service

Do you want to make more money and increase the number of customers you have?

It's pretty easy to spend a lot of time and effort accomplishing very little online if you don't really have a plan. We can help create a social and  digital strategy to ensure that your websites, social media accounts and marketing campaigns all work together to meet your objectives.

We provide training to your employees and you, the business owner to ensure that you are reaching your target customers and potential leads in less time saving you money.  We offer both online and in person opportunities that provide the best and most relevant training available for social and digital media marketing and customer service.

We work with you to determine the best platforms and mediums for your needs to ensure that you are getting the most out of the tools available to build your business in the online space and turn potential customer conversations into sales conversions. 


Training courses range from one hour webinars online, lunch and learn talks up to three-day intensive sessions that are conducted in person.

Any training that is offered is custom tailored to your industry to identify your audience, your competition and the most effective tools to be used for talking about your business and building customers that become raving fans!


To learn more about the training or to discuss what we can do to assist you, click here.


Social & Digital Media Training


Social & Digital Marketing


Email Marketing


Sales Funnel Creation


Facebook Advertising


Social Media Account Creation, Monitoring, Publishing







Other Services Available
  • Social and Digital Media Training 

  • Social Media Profile Analysis

  • Social Media Account Creation / Monitoring and Publishing

  • Facebook Advertising

  • Sales Funnel Creation and Integration

  • Email Marketing 


Tim has been speaking to audiences both large and small as a keynote speaker, breakout speaker, workshop presenter and lunch and learn educator. Tim will bring an energy and passion to your event and will always leave your audience better than he found them. 

He recognizes that his one and only job while on your stage is to deliver a talk that leaves your audience better informed, with a deeper understanding or course, while being entertained. 


Marketing The Unmarketable - How To Be Seen & Heard In A World Of Paid Advertising, When You Don't Pay


Public Safety & Public Posts - Using Social Media for Safer Communities

The Currency Of Trust - Building Relationships and Influence In The Digital Age

Cyber Safety For Families - How To Protect Yourself & Your Family in The Digital Age


** All keynotes are custom tailored to you and your needs. 


Check back often as these resources change and get updated regularly. 

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