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Twelve Sixty Six Communications Privacy Policy

We respect and appreciate the trust that you place in Twelve Sixty Six Communications and all of its properties.

We recognize that you have or will share confidential information with us and we promise to keep that information in strict confidence, which includes, but is not limited to:

Email Address, IP Address, Physical Address, Telephone Number, Credit Card Information and other information relevant to the program or product that you have registered for, purchased or received in exchange for consideration.

At no time, for any reason will your information ever be knowingly shared, given, sold, traded or provided to any other entity except for the sole purpose of facilitating a monetary transaction for your program, product or service.

Having said that, the majority of our financial transactions are facilitated through 3rd parties in which case, we will never see nor have possession of your financial information.

In the rare instances that we process transactions manually, we never keep a record of your financial information outside of legal requirements and we will everything possible to remove identifiers and critical information.

The only exception to this privacy policy is under legal requirements when due process has been satisfied. 

Contact Information:
Twelve Sixty Six Communications
3639 Craigsher Dr
Apopka, FL

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