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The Core Reason For #LESM

the core reason for #lesm

Recently I held several strategy calls with law enforcement agencies and officers.

Every call I had included the question, "What's your core reason for doing social media?" I have always asked this question of agencies and people I work with. Their answer almost always tells me everything I need to know about their social media approach.

One of the agencies had no problem admitting that even though they've had a social media presence for some time, they joined the world of social media because ‘everyone else was and it became expected.

What this led to was postings across their platforms without any type of strategy or system in place. A mish-mash of content that went all over the place and was showing very little traction.

They had found a few agencies that they liked to follow and were trying to duplicate what was appearing to be working for them.

Good idea in principal, but without a reason, goals, objectives, etc, they were not seeing a return for what they were doing.

The draw backs to doing what others are doing are many. Different audiences, different relationships, different strategies, different people will always end up with different results. What works for one may not work for another.

They tried to be funny, serious, thoughtful, intense… the one thing they hadn’t tried is being themselves.

Everyone has a personality. With those personalities comes our strengths, our weaknesses and our abilities to be natural. Try to be something or someone you’re not and it comes off as fake or contrived.

They were sent their strategy document yesterday (the last one I needed to send) and I wanted to share some of it with you. The Hierarchy Of The #LESM Purpose:

1) Share CONTENT to educate and inform.

2) Respond to ENGAGEMENT to build RELATIONSHIPS.

3) Foster TRUST in relationships through TRANSPARENCY and honesty to open the sale.

4) SELL behavior CHANGE to improve the quality of life of your AUDIENCE.

For clarity, each of the words in bolded all caps also has it’s own section in the strategy document that is broken down with it's own strategy, tips and measurable KPIs.

The four points above together are what I call, "The Hierarchy of The Law Enforcement Social Media Purpose".

To me, this is the reason why law enforcement agencies should be using social media. It's what should be the drive for every post, meme, conversation, idea and action... Improve the quality of life of your audience.

By design I have it going from 1 to 4 as the measure of importance but here’s something neat about it…. It’s also circular and can be entered into at any point and carry to the next point and still be logical sequencing.

What’s not visible in this is another circular hierarchy that shows the audience side.

Other things included in their strategy layout was ROI measuring calculators, the 5 X 5 X 5 Content Plan and pile (that’s an official term) of ideas to help them move forward! Most importantly, they now know to gauge their audience, research their past work to figure out what worked best, rinse and repeat and be themselves. I can’t wait to see the change that will be coming!

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll share some more of the strategy call sessions.

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