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  • Tim Burrows

Add An Instagram Nametag

Instagram just added a new feature to it's arsenal of tools to help you increase your reach and make gaining followers easier.

The nature of Nametag is keeping in line with what the youth heavy platform wants; simplicity in finding and following interesting people and accounts.

If you think it's similar to Snapcodes offered on Snapchat, you're not wrong. Nametag allows you to create your own easy to share code simply by choosing the style you want and sharing it with others or making it available for easy scans.

This is mobile friendly only at this time... since, well, it's a mobile based platform and the scans work with using the camera on your hand held device.

Start by logging into your account and going to your profile.

Click on the three horizontal lines, click on Nametag and start creating.

The style options are limited to colors, emojis and selfies but there are several options available for each.

Then, save, share, show... You can add your Nametag to your stories, feed, even printed documents. Basically anything you can think of. Remember... the goal isn't just to add followers. The goal should be to use it as a way to increase your reach to an engaged audience that you are trying to help educate, inform and improve the quality of life for.

A new follower is just the beginning.

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